Now Franchising

Fine-tuned over two decades, Element Fresh is franchising internationally to qualified, retail-focused organizations looking to incorporate a ‘fresh’ restaurant concept to expand across their ‘home’ territory; highlighted in the map below. Such organization will have proven years of F&B and/or retail experience, and are encouraged to contact us to learn more about Element Fresh, and the advantages we offer as a franchise and business partner.

Fees & Royalties

Our territory fees differ by country and respective development plan. All numbers including royalty rate will be detailed to prospective partners during the initial meeting process.

Site Criteria

Once all franchise terms, inclusive of a development schedule, are agreed and signed, we can focus on building your team and your first Element Fresh restaurant. We work with our franchise partners to evaluate suitable sites and act promptly on approving representative locations for an Element Fresh that meet several parameters and offers keys to business and brand success.